cobago GmbH is a software provider in the TechnologyCenter Dortmund, with broad knowledge and years of experience in the field of mobile and integrated application systems. cobago designs, develops and markets “cobago SIX” as a personal assistance system for users from industry and business plus related services such as management consulting, software customizing, interface development and cloud services.

cobago GmbH was founded in May 2016 as a corporation with today´s managing director Dr. Dieter Kramps and private investors.

The company’s activities focus on mobile information technology and industry 4.0. cobago today addresses TÜV organizations, industrial service providers and digitizing companies with software for inspection, maintenance, repair and in-house service management, also as a bridge between leading software systems and the Internet of Things.

cobago works with a network of industry experts as well as consulting and implementation partners around the Dortmund Technology Center, including the Technical University and the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences as well as the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (IML). In 2018, cobago opened a representative office in Cologne’s Mediapark.