Service Management for Europe: powered by Open Telekom Cloud

cobago SIX, the next generation service management ecosystem, is now ready for the European market: powered by Open Telekom Cloud . „Highly flexible, digitally supported service management is now available as software-as-a-service from a high-security data center in Germany to companies and departments in industry and technology“ says Dr. Dieter Kramps, CEO of cobago GmbH.

“ As of now, it is much easier for anyone offering inspection, installation, maintenance, repair or disposal services to carry out, document and invoice these services in a structured and secure manner – including photo documentation, calculations and plausibility checks“, Kramps explains the range of services.

cobago SIX is a software-based Service Management Ecosystem, optimized for services in the fields of industry and technology. SIX accompanies engineers, technicians, fitters, craftsmen and inspectors in on-site work relating to infrastructures, products and assets of companies and supports their back office in competent customer dialogue, precise service and performance documentation. The solution is targeted at industrial users and their service providers in the energy, telecommunications, facility management, construction and public infrastructure sectors.

cobago GmbH: Mastering Service Excellence
cobago GmbH is a software provider in the Dortmund Technology Centre with a special focus on service management for industry and technology as well as extensive expertise and many years of experience in the field of mobile application systems. cobago designs, develops and markets the personal companion „cobago SIX“ and offers software licenses and cloud usage rights plus associated services such as management consulting, software customizing and interface development.